Workshop #Storytelling on Instagram 


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For the first time at a prestigious film festival, the workshop focuses on Instagram narrative potential.

Do you want to learn how to tell stories using unconventional methods? Well then…just listen to The Kissinger Twins as they will open new perspectives upon script & how characters can interact. 23 Film Hub

"It was the first time I heard about using this social network in so many ways I've not thought before" Bianca Luciarus



Every new visual medium needs time to evolve and create its own language. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has developed over time into something more significant than a platform for sharing images of cappuccinos, and selfies. It has become a narrative tool for a new wave of filmmakers and storytellers, a platform for unique and complex stories that take advantage of the app’s possibilities and limitations.

How can we utilize medium which is both a tool for production and distribution and the largest visual social media platform?

During 4-day workshop we introduce narrative methods and strategies in a much broader sense than  just using “Instagram Stories”. We teach an innovative and creative approach to Instagram and crafting storytelling projects. Fictitious, documentary, journalist, poetic, surreal, musical…always compelling and interactive.



Students or professionals from film, technology, video games, marketing, designers, writers, programmers, creative technologists, social media enthusiasts interested in interactive visual storytelling. Age: 18+



The goal of every participant of the workshop is to create a finished project. From generating an idea, through development to a public premiere the last day of the workshop.



Visit: @InfiniTIFFstories or @DigitalCulturesStories - the official accounts of our workshops at Transilvania International Film Festival and Digital Cultures Conferency, or check selected projects created during our workshop:

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_ Transilvania International Film Festival
_ Digital Cultures Warsaw
_ National Film School Lodz
_ SXSW / Me Convention Stockholm