Cinematic Labyrinths | Interactive and Non-Linear Storytelling Showcase 2002 - 2016


With more than 15 years of experimenting with film and interactive non-linear storytelling we began to share our concept of Cinematic Labyrinths at media, film and digital culture events. 

During 90 minutes of our presentation we explain the concept, talk about film and interactive media, our inspirations (from 80s exploration games such as Jet Set Willy to Twin Peaks or The Saragossa Manuscript) and present our best online interactive and transmedia projects.

From early works, such as 'Attitude' to SXSW finalist 'Forget Me Not', the Webby Award winning 'The Trip' and 'Sufferrosa', the biggest web-based interactive film ever made as well as our most complex Cinematic Labyrinth.
Cinematic Labyrinths and Sufferrosa were presented at many film, digital culture festivals and events, including:

_ onedotzero London
_ Reykjavik International Film Festival
_ Vancouver International Film Festival
_ YouTube Day Singapore
_ Edmonton International Film Festival
_ BAFTA Play It Up: Innovation, Films and Gaming
_ Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal
_ Fasntasporto International Film Festival
_ Geneva International Film Festival
_ Festival International CulturaDigital Brasil
_ OFFF Barcelona
_ Filmteractive Festival
_ Noise Pop Festival
_ WRO Media Biennale
_ Kerry Film Festival
_ Moves Liverpool
_ Tirana International Film Festival
_ Woods Hole Film Festival
_ Ambulante International Film Festival
_ Kosmopolis | The Amplified Literature Fest
_ Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival
_  ICA London



Cinematic Labyrinths Trailer